Performance Coach, Counsellor and Psychotherapist in London

Hello. Are you looking for performance coaching, counselling or therapy in central London and beyond? I am a highly experienced coach, counsellor and psychotherapist with 20 years’ experience.
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I am guessing you have arrived at my website because something isn’t quite right in your life. I am an experienced and effective coach, counsellor and psychotherapist, and I may be able to help you. We could look together at your situation, your dilemmas, your blocks, and open up choices in a comfortable and private environment.

Sports Performance

Has your match life become a nightmare? Perhaps you can no longer deal effectively with pressure situations, or have rarely been effective under pressure. Do you have issues with performance blocks, stress, anxiety, a lack of belief in your abilities or progress? You need to make changes but don’t know how to embed them: working with me can help you to begin.

Relationship counsellor and psychotherapist

Are issues of intimacy, commitment, sexuality and desire ruining your life with your partner? Is unresolved anger, perhaps resentment or family relationships affecting your life with others? Talking to a relationship counsellor can help you improve your relationships. Couple counselling can help you face your issues together.

Problems of living

Maybe you are experiencing prolonged anxiety, depression, emptiness, loss of purpose. Your life may no longer have meaning for you. Do you feel life has passed you by? Are you are confused about what direction to take in your life? Seeking support from a counsellor and psychotherapist can help you make sense of your situation and help you live a more fulfilling life.

Loss and bereavement counsellor and psychotherapist

You may feel overwhelmed by changes in your life. Have you lost someone close to you? A relationship may have ended for you. Perhaps your health has deteriorated or you have been made unemployed. If so, seeing a counsellor and psychotherapist can help you to get over the sense of your life coming to a halt.

Trauma counsellor

You might have experienced an event or situation as traumatic, and feel the impact endures and shadows your life today. Therapy can help through processing the feelings, emotions, physical sensations and thoughts that intrude and help join them up with times you have adapted to difficult events and moved forward in your life.

Whatever your issue, you are taking it seriously enough to do some research on performance coaches, or counsellors and psychotherapists. Talking with me is different to talking to your family and friends. They may have strong views and a stake in your decisions. I know the value of listening to your concerns attentively, without judging or wanting a certain outcome. If we choose to work together, I will help you to explore, clarify, manage and resolve whatever is happening in your life.

When you feel ready, why not make an initial appointment to explore how working with me can benefit you? Each session takes place in a quiet, airy practice room in Regent Street W1 or in these times of Covid, by video. You can start the experience of working together to change your life for the better.