Relationship Counselling London

Do you feel it’s time to get some help with your relationship?

Are you in an unhappy relationship or thinking twice about starting a new one? Relationships can be the most fulfilling aspects of our lives, but there are times when you can feel angry, desperate, confused, anxious, depressed or fed up, and your situation doesn’t seem to be getting any better mo matter what you try.

All relationships go through difficult times. And it’s how you come through these that makes the difference to how you live your life now and in the future. I offer a professional, confidential and effective relationship counselling and therapy service. Relationship therapy with me will help you pinpoint and work through your relationship issues – to find more satisfying ways of living, and of being with others. You may prefer to see me on your own for individual therapy, or together with your partner for couple counselling.

You may want some support and help with getting over a break up, or with deciding whether to end a relationship. It could be that you keep repeating the same patterns in your relationships and want the space to explore how to change them. Perhaps you are so concerned with your partner’s reactions you don’t pay enough attention to your own. Your future may look bleak as you don’t feel you will be able to experience a lasting, satisfying relationship.

How does relationship counselling with me work for you?

I understand it’s a big step to see a therapist. Therapy with me will give you a calm and private space to talk through your experience with your relationships and how you’d like them to be different. In an initial session, we will talk together about what brings you to therapy, and how counselling with me can help you to open up possibilities. I don’t have a stake in your choices. This means you can look at and decide the choices that matter to you.

When you are ready, do contact me to arrange a telephone consultation or an initial session. We can explore how working together can help you face your relationship dilemmas and make the changes you need to live your life more fully.

If you think relationship therapy as a couple would be best for you, please go to my page on couple counselling to find out more.